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ATA Named RAY Award Recipient

ATA was named first-place winner for the 2020 Risk Achievement of the Year (RAY) Award from Berkley Accident & Health for outstanding commitment to health risk management. The RAY Award represents a vested commitment to improving company health and wellness. ATA is committed to creating a space for employees to feel happy and productive.  In 2019, ATA received honorable mention.

There are numerous initiatives ATA has implemented to keep employees engaged and help increase productivity.  ATA also implemented a health savings account plan with a portion funded by the firm.  The firm implemented wellness challenges to encourage self-care, mindfulness, and relieve stress.  ATA also engaged over 25 businesses in all 14 markets to promote community wellness by giving to local backpack programs for schools and non-profit organizations.  During the holidays, ATA team members received a “Healthy Holidays Cookbook” to support nutritious choices.

ATA promotes a healthy workplace so employees’ happiness, productivity and overall well-being are amplified. The firm will continue to encourage healthy behaviors and seek innovative wellness initiatives.  To learn more about the RAY Award by Berkley Accident and Health, visit their website at

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