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New Reporting Guidelines for Third-Party Payment Services

As a result of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, sellers that receive at least $600 in a calendar year for goods and services transactions through a Third-Party Settlement Organization (TPSO) such as PayPal or Venmo will be required to report this income to the IRS when filing taxes for 2022. This reporting threshold was significantly lowered from 2021’s threshold of $20,000 in payments and 200 transactions. 

This is not a tax change, it is a reporting change. The new regulations make it possible for the IRS to verify the income business owners receive through TSPOs. No extra tax will be applied to these amounts.

These guidelines are not applicable to:

  • Amounts sent as a gift
  • Amounts from selling personal items at a loss
  • Amounts sent as reimbursements

Several TSPOs, including Venmo, allow users to mark a payment as a goods and services transaction, making it easier for sellers to keep records of their income. 

At the end of the calendar year, TSPOs will send Form 1099-K to users that received more than $600. This form will be provided to the user’s tax preparer when filing a 2022 tax return in 2023. These guidelines will not affect 2021 tax returns. 

Business owners and independent contractors should be prepared to provide their employer identification number (EIN), individual tax identification number (ITIN), or Social Security number to TSPOs in order to continue utilizing the services and to receive their 1099-K.

For more information regarding this reporting change, contact your ATA representative today.

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