ATA Announcement 2024

Operational changes

Effective January 2, 2024, ATA CPAs + Advisors PLLC entered into a new operating structure called an alternative practice structure. As part of that restructuring, ATA CPAs + Advisors PLLC has transferred all of its nonattest business and engagements as well as all employees to a new company called ATA Advisory, LLC. All attest and assurance work will remain in the current entity that will be renamed ATA, PLLC. The two entities will operate under the jointly marketed name “ATA” going forward.

What this means

ATA, PLLC will remain a licensed CPA firm that provides attest services; ATA Advisory, LLC and its subsidiary entities will provide tax and advisory services and not operate as a licensed CPA firm. All partners with ATA, PLLC will also be partners with ATA Advisory, LLC. All current staff will be employed by ATA Advisory, LLC under this agreement.

As part of this arrangement, ATA, PLLC and ATA Advisory, LLC will enter into an administrative services agreement. Within the operations of the alternative practice structure, and under the administrative services agreement, ATA, PLLC will lease professional and administrative staff from ATA Advisory, LLC to support ATA, PLLC’s performance of audit and attest engagements.  The employees leased from ATA Advisory will be under the supervision of ATA, PLLC when they are working on ATA, PLLC assurance engagements.

ATA Advisory, LLC will maintain custody of all files for clients of both ATA, PLLC and ATA Advisory, LLC. Both companies will comply with the same confidentiality obligations with respect to your confidential information. Please let us know immediately if you have any objections to the transfer of your files between the two entities.

What to expect 

Ultimately, you should expect to interact with the same partners and associates within ATA. Operationally, the alternative practice structure will allow us to provide improved service offerings to better serve our clients.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the partner with whom you have an established relationship.